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My License is Suspended/Revoked Because of an Abuse and Lose Action

If you were under 21 years of age when you received a DWI or had any other alcohol related traffic incident, or if you pled guilty to possession or use of a controlled substance while driving a motor vehicle at any age, you may have an Abuse and Lose Revocation.

An Abuse and Lose action can result in either a 90 suspension, or a one year revocation, depending on your charge.

If you are in the middle of an Abuse and Lose suspension or revocation, you may be eligible for a Limited Driving Privilege (LDP). In order to obtain an LDP, you must fill out the proper application and file an SR-22 through your auto insurance agent.

Once your Abuse and Lose suspension or revocation time is up, you can have your full license reinstated by completing SATOP and paying a reinstatement fee to your local driver's license office.

Once you have dealt with your Abuse and Lose holds, you're ready to move on:

If there are other types of holds on your license, visit the corresponding link below

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